Who is eric braeden dating

Ordway added that Abby has always strived to please her father, so it was a great blow when it turned out that he disapproved of her performance at Newman Enterprises.

However, Ordway said Abby would recover from the setbacks and return to Newman Enterprises a better person ready to compete with her sister.

Braeden said that "he fought himself to the position he arrived at a number of years ago", and that "he obviously doesn't suffer fools easily, doesn't suffer enemies easily.

Braeden was hesitant to work on a soap opera, but eventually signed a contract, and has remained on the series as a regular cast member for a total of thirty-seven years.

“She’s also ready to compete with Victoria, take her place at Newman,” Ordway said, “and prove that she’s not as naive as everyone thinks she is.” Ordway promised fans that Abby would “kick some major butt” in the near future.

He began his career in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining critical recognition in the biographical crime film Chopper (2000).

Initially a guest character who was to last for eight to twelve weeks, Victor has evolved into the soap opera's leading male figure.

She is not satisfied to take over Abby’s position as Newman Enterprises’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), she must also go on to ruin Abby completely so as to ensure that she never poses a threat to her ambition to take over Newman Enterprises when Victor (Eric Braeden) retires.

She suggested Abby knew that Zack’s dating app was being used to support a sex ring and that she knowingly invested Newman Enterprises funds in the app to support her boyfriend, Zack.

She claimed that Abby leaving with Zack when he took off following Crystal’s (Morgan Obenereder) shocking accusation was evidence that she was in league with Zack.

Braeden describes the character as "the villain" and as "defensive and always self-protective", stating that he's "not here to win a popularity contest".

For over three decades, Victor has been romantically linked with Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott).

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