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She is a genuine middle class housewife with school going children.

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Topics – Brothers / Sisters /Friends Categories - Sex, Oral, Anal, Watersports, Lesbian, Bisexual, Group Sex, Outdoor Sex, Smoking, Drink and Drugs, Pregnancy Lucy was bored, and horny. The only problem was, only being fourteen and living miles from anywhere, and going to an all Girls School, meant she hadn't even kissed a Boy properly, let alone done anything intimate, but once she found out a couple of her classmates had actually been fucked she couldn't stop thinking about having sex, and no amount of wanking, even with the dildos she'd bought from another one of the Girls in School, could take the craving for cock away, and the only person she could think of to satisfy her needs was the one Guy she wasn't allowed to fuck, her big Brother Mike, who was eighteen and an absolute Hunk. ' giggled Lucy, now standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly parted. 'Now come on, go and stick the kettle on while I sort myself out, please? ' she teased, bending over right in front of him to grab his cigarettes off of the coffee table, meaning he got a Bird's eye view of her boobs as she'd she did so. But that was nothing compared to what Kelly was telling Lucy, who was already completely gobsmacked by what she was witnessing, and was something even Mike hadn't thought of, and when he heard what she had to say it had him blowing his beans in no time.

And not only that, she also knew he was really well hung, because she'd overheard one of his Girlfriends teasing him about it. Besides, you're lucky it's me who caught you and not Mum, because I doubt she'd be impressed with you wanking on her sofa! 'Man, this is so, so fucking nasty and fucked up, and I fucking love it! Well let's fucking hear it then, you teasing Bitch! ' asked Lucy, still getting fucked by Dean and looking at Mike as if to say, I'm up for it if you are!

I like gals with place, which is safe, best place was Siri's. I like gals with place, which is safe, best place was Siri's. Moved to vizag recently and my first contact is with a housewife. She removed her nightwear and we both started exploring and finished in mish.

Bro, She looks bad if you want me to be straight I'll say very bad got old look in early age because she drinks too much, very small racks. Got the number from a friend and I called her directly and fixed the deal for 1 HR. I forgot my packet in car which I had parked at some distance. Overall experience is good as this is my first encounter with a 30 yr old housewife. She is very clean and has very smooth body, good skin. This time, instead of MILF, I wanted to try some indie. I tried to start foreplay but she doesn't allow lip kiss.

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