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She’s since dipped her toe into the dating pool, but is not impressed: “I had coffee with someone I met on and we were discussing health, fitness, etc.,” she says.“He mentioned that he had recently given up caffeine, alcohol and sugar, among other things.

Which is perhaps why some local residents, like John Murphy, 57, have redefined the digital dating game on their own terms.“It’s obviously completely natural to put your best face forward on a profile, but it makes absolutely no sense to overpromise and under-deliver.I tend to look for the worst picture [of that person], and I think that’s the most accurate.” Photos aren’t the only form of online bait-and-switch either, he says, recalling one rendezvous that he now regrets: “During the first few minutes she disclosed [that] she wasn’t currently working and was moving back in with her parents.A quick search of the major dating sites for profiles of local men over 45 reveals a shocking number of them posing bare-chested, or holding beer or fish.Some are smiling in obvious discomfort at their bathroom mirrors as they pose for selfies. Profiles of guys in this area between 35 and 45 are just as likely to show them shirtless, although with fewer fish, more hair and more genuine smiles. Women, on the other hand, seem more likely to post candid self-portraits that were taken for other purposes—with children or dogs or during outings with friends.

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