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Question: All teachers new to the state start with Initial certificates. But, after having held an Initial Certificate, and passing the National Board exams ( NBPTS), you will quality for a 10-year Master Teacher Certificate.The term "alternative certification" or "alternative route to certification" usually describes programs that do not have all the components of a traditional, pre-service teacher preparation program.All teacher and administrator candidates must be fingerprinted, and pass an FBI background screen.Almost all certificates are the same price – 0, plus a Fingerprint Fee.Please note that Alaska no longer issues "emergency certification", nor does it allow anyone who is not certified to work as a teacher.

This certificate is non-renewable, and you must next apply for a Professional certificate.

As metioned on our Teaching in Alaska page, there are also concurrent changes happening due to ESSA (formerly NCLB) regarding accountability, "highly qualified" status and education standards.

You will want to review those in addtion to the certification information contained here.

As specified above, most teachers certified in another state will want to apply for an Initial / Out-of-State certificate.

But, it at a minimum seems to smooth the path for a one-year certificate while other requirements are met.

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