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We're excited about the softness of the coats, as well as the deep color he produces. A recent 2013 addition to our small family breeding program is Aussie L's Mr. If you know where his name comes from, you may be dating yourself. He lives with his guardian Forever family of seven in Bellevue. Russell lives in Lacey WA with his empty nester guardians, who are sports enthusiasts.

I visited my friend Kari to choose a breeding dog, and was so enamored by the whole litter and the Mama that I came home with two; a male and female. Snuffleapagus sired his first litter in 2014 and we enjoyed a beautiful litter of eleven red and caramels. pups around 18 to 20 inches, but we have one boy who is raising the bar with the possibility of maturing to a standard. I believe they are extremely proud of his athleticism.

But I was thrilled with the name, as Missy Baby was the name of my first dog ever as an infant. Her sister, who is a breeder for Legendary Labradoodles in Plano TX, recently had her first litter of eleven.

My mother told that I used Missy Baby as my canine pillow for my first years of life. Missy came from a litter of 11 and gave birth her first litter of eleven on October 11, 2014.

He went to work with his guardian daily in her home decor store and i got a steady flow of inquiries from his fans.

Sophie lives with her guardian family of five in Silverdale. Carolina Rain is one of the best socialized and de-sensitized dogs I have had, as she is the only one of my breeding dogs who lives with a family including four children (indoors) and an ark load of other creatures (outdoors).

Handsome lives with his family in Redmond, Washington. He lives with his Forever Family just north of Seattle, where he has three little ones to watch over. In fact the year 2014/2015 brought us three new Russells. He is gentle natured, amicable, warm, confident, graceful, and runs like the wind.We have very much enjoyed having the third generation of this line here at Shedless in Seattle. Handsome is forty pounds of soft, sink your nose in, fabulous.Handsome is a medium, apricot, spiraling fleece Australian Labradoodle.He has a busy social schedule of baseball, birthday parties, and camping. His first litter was sired in 2015, and we look forward to little Russel’s for years to come.Rogue has sired three incredibly soft Labradoodle litters for us. He is one of the calmest stud dogs I have ever met, or had the pleasure of having in our program. His favorite thing to do is visit the dog park since that is something a stud dog rarely gets to do.

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