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In choosing strings, don’t simply go by what you might hear others say.For instance, strings wound with pure nickel have a reputation for “warming up” your sound.To begin to understand pickups, let’s look at those first few stages.It All Starts With Strings The first step in getting a pickup to generate any signal at all is to disturb the pickup’s magnetic field.Unlike nickel-plated steel, pure nickel doesn’t affect the magnetic field.Neither does stainless steel—the core is doing the work.He points out that strings are the “singers,” the originators of your tone.

Because strings are responsible for a significant portion of an electric guitar’s sound, it makes little sense to compare the performance of different pickups until you’ve done your homework with strings.

If your guitar has multiple pickups, their positions (neck, middle, or bridge) will be taken into account by their maker.

While two or more pickups might seem ideal in terms of tonal variety, these extra colors come at a cost.

Equipped with only a neck pickup, my 1955 Gretsch Streamliner archtop gets a lot of use.

The absence of a bridge pickup, which would otherwise add mass near the bridge, allows the top to react more freely around this critical area, and this gives the guitar a nice woody tone.

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