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As Vancouver's artistic community is continuing to grow and become more diverse, events such as Music Waste, and the avid members who are involved in propelling its movement, play a huge contributive role to Vancouver's music and arts culture.

The theme this year is "In Dreams." For the past couple of years we've dealt with issues such as displacement and gentrification.Free of corporate sponsorship, the gathering, which historically spans over the first weekend in June, solely relies on the committed volunteers and locals who help organize the event.Volunteers curate the musicians and spaces in which the shows take place, and have also given other bands access to booking their own shows that Music Waste in turn helps them promote.HOW DO YOU THINK THIS ATTRIBUTES TO VANCOUVER' S CULTURAL ARENA (MUSIC, ART, COMMUNITY IN GENERAL)?In my opinion, the art scene in Vancouver, more so than the music scene, can feel very institutional and intimidating.

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