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Fortunately, despite the fact that each man wants to see a beautiful companion next to him, the concepts of beauty among men are very different.Perhaps, if we are still talking about beauty, the perfect girlfriend should have inner beauty first of all, because the woman should have a beautiful soul, and then the body.So, the main qualities which, according to most men, each woman should have are: Beauty However, this statement is quite controversial and contradictory.Otherwise, any girl that is nonmatching to the accepted canons of beauty could never claim to be the perfect lover.10's of thousands of years ago, men began to look for an ideal woman: beautiful and intelligent, attractive and feminine, faithful and sincere ...And though occasionally we can meet the representatives of the male half, who argue that they were lucky to find that type of woman but others challenge their statement.There is also an opinion that such a creature is a mythical or extinct.

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That is why a woman must learn how to be sexy ONLY for one person - her husband.

A woman with such a quality will always be interesting for a man; she inspires him to perform feats and good deeds. Practicality The ability to earn money for a good housekeeper is not necessarily quality. But to be able to spend money wisely, prudently run the economy - this quality is certainly not only benefiting the family budget but will be appreciated by her husband a lot.

Steadiness Docile and gentle nature, judgment and tact... Well, men do not like someone who constantly claims and complains against them.

Therefore, even if these claims are true, it is desirable that they were spoken kindly and without reproach.

An ideal woman should have an opinion on any issue and, if necessary, be able to bring it to her husband.

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