Dating and relationships in germany

To learn more about what’s happening at the intersection of love and technology, MTV Knowing Youth asked over 400 internet users ages 14 to 29 in Germany about their dating experiences, habits, information sources and attitudes on partnership.Here is a summary of key findings from this study: Almost half of Germans 14 to 29 have used an online dating service.Most cultural differences between Americans and Germans are minor and not big deal breakers (though the exclusivity thing might be), but it’s important to keep an open dialogue and build a relationship founded on trust where you feel free to share your thoughts with one another.

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Dating can be confusing as it is, so when you add dating someone from a different culture it can get downright crazy.

There are, of course, ways to navigate the waters, communication being the main one.

If you ask them how they are doing they will assume you ask as you want to know, not to be polite.

Likewise, if you talk to them they will assume you do so because you want to get to know them, not because you are being polite (unless you are left alone with them in an uncomfortable situation, of course).

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