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However, when done successfully, blogger outreach can pay off for Contestant #1 in major ways.

Bloggers aren’t replacing traditional media or marketing, but adding to what is already in place.

They have a specific campaign in mind, with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Often Contestant #3 is a PR or Marketing agency that has experience working with bloggers for a number of different clients — tapping them a few times, but not necessarily for the same brand.

Do a test run with a modest selection of bloggers on a product or campaign topic that you either have the resources to experiment with or know has been successful in other media outreach campaigns.

Contestant #1 Contestant #1 doesn’t see the potential a blogger/brand relationship has for their future.When reaching out to bloggers and other influencers, press releases and multimedia content can be useful resources.Read our white paper Five Keys to Crafting Press Releases that Drive Earned Media for more tips on crafting a press release that resonates. I had just turned 18 and was a freshman in college, stranded in the middle of Indiana. This was supposed to be one of the four best years of my life, but life was passing me by. “On March 8, Flame Day, you’ll get a postcard—blue for girls and pink for guys—with the names and phone numbers of your three ideal matches.” At the end of the ad, I made a promise: “Any couples getting married as a result of Flame will receive a free copy of Erich Fromm’s The student newspaper wrote an article about the launch of Project Flame and followed up the next day with a lead editorial condemning computer dating. I had just discovered Camus and was big on the randomness of life. I suggested that their answers would be coded on the punch cards, and a university computer would analyze the data. Instead, we—I had a partner at first; eventually he grew scared and I bought him out—took the cards belonging to men and those belonging to women, shuffled them all up together, and made our matches by chance.

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