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Based on my research it seems that the app developer fills out a form describing their application.The rating is then generated based on that description.The company is careful to address it as a companion product. It used to be necessary to first attach an i Phone to a computer to activate it.That used to be cited as a reason for the i Phone not being a “proper computer”, diverting attention from what it would inevitably become.The most recent information I could find about this is from 2009.I also posed this question to the members at Moms with Apps, a group of app developers who promote quality apps for kids and families.Apple is now the biggest watchmaker in the world, overtaking Rolex during the last quarter.This achievement happened less than two and a half years after Apple entered the watch market.

This is also reflected in my estimate of 3 million in Q2 vs. Overall, about 33 million Apple Watch units have been sold since launch and they generated about billion in sales.

Today the new Watch is a small-screen i Pod, an Internet Communicator and a Phone.

So not only is the Series 3 Watch more powerful than the original i Phone but it is also poetically capable of the same tentpole jobs. It has a new, completely orthogonal attack on non-consumption and market creation: fitness and health. The i Phone was born a phone but grew up to be something completely unprecedented, unforeseen by its creators and, frankly, undescribable in the language of 2007.

Now it’s taking basic phone calls and music and maybe maps.

It’s fitting therefore to remember how the i Phone was launched; as a tentpole troika: A wide-screen i Pod, an Internet Communicator and a Phone.

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